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    Hot Shot Golf Cannon


The first 3 letters in fundraising are F-U-N! So let's add more fun to your outing...and raise more money!!!

Let Our Hot Shot Air-Powered Golf Ball Cannon Make Your Outing More $$$!

A Fun Way to put Ka-BOOM and Cha-CHING into your Golf Outing. Introducing the “Hot Shot", air-powered golf ball launcher.

Is your golf outing all is can be? Are you putting the FUN in your fundraising event? Are your on the course contests still longest drive and closest to the pin? (YAWN!) It’s time for an exciting change! Turn a long par 4 or 5 into a par 3 or 4 with our Hot Shot Cannon.  A great way to pick up the pace of play whild making additional money on a hole that traditionally does not produce revenue!

Your golfers will truly have fun with this unique experience! The Hot Shot uses real golf balls and is fully insured

Here’s how it works. Our professional staff loads our numbered golf ball into our light-weight, no kick, Hot Shot Cannon air cannon. Our staff helps them take aim and the player pulls the trigger launching their golf ball 300+ yards away!

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Hot Shot Cannons are unique, fun, memorable and much more. Benefits include:

  • A new fundraising opportunity to raise money on a par 4 or 5 that usually does not raise a dollar! Golfers pay a fee to fire the Hot Shot Cannon. Once they see it, they just have to try it.
  • Unique sponsorship option. Sponsor signs are great but everyone will remember the sponsor of this hole. You’ll have sponsors lining up for this opportunity. The Hot Shot Cannons are a unique and will be a hit with your golfers! 
  • Pace of play enhancement for the tournament! How does shortening a long par 4 or 5 sound?
  • Safety. The Hot Shot Cannons are safe, extremely light weight with no kick or recoil at all. Our team members recieve hours of training as safety is priority #1!
  • Ease of use. We take care of the Hot Shot Cannon from start to finish. All of our events are fully staffed and insured!
  • A memorable experience for your golfers. Everyone will be taking pictures and video of their Hot Shot Cannon experience, sharing it with their friends and on social media. The Hot Shot experience will be waht the golfers will be talking about it post-round.
  • Affordability. Yep, it’s so affordable we know you will be delighted!

On Course Experience is the exclusive provider in Maryland of the authentic Hot Shot air-powered golf ball launcher.

  • "Jeff Mose is a very serious and professional Certified Master Golf Tournament Consultant, who also brings lots of fun, laughter and money to our golf fundraisers!! His super cannon-gun is a total hit! It is light enough for ladies."
    - Mavalynne O.
    Partners for Cancer Care and Prevention Foundation

  • "Every one of our 130 players were totally thrilled to have the experience of shooting a golf ball over 350 yards in the air for our par 4 Closest to the Pin Contest. Working with Jeff Mose was wonderful. The event was very well organized and Jeff and his team coached all of us how to use the cannon gun and did so with great fun and humor. We are looking forward to having Jeff join us again for our 27th Annual Charity Tournament this year."
    - Dave T.
    Partners for Cancer Care and Prevention Foundation

  • "The Hot Shot Cannon was a fantastic addition to our charity golf outing! Our golfers loved it and it provided a fun/unique on course experience to our event. I would highly recommend its use in any golf event… I know we will be using it again in this year’s tourney!"
    - Steve B.
    Jim O'Malley Memorial Tournament

  • "We used the Hot Shot Cannon for our corporate golf event last year and loved it! The Hot Shot Cannon gun leveled the playing field for all in a fun way on the closest to the pin hole. Jeff did a great job of introducing it to each of our players, making the most out of the experience. Looking forward to incorporating it into our event this year."
    - Katie D.
    Henley Construction

  • "I wanted to take a moment and thank you for adding such a fun element to our annual company golf tournament. Everyone had so much fun shooting the cannons in lieu of their drive. It definitely added an interesting competitive component amongst the guys. People were talking about it for days and clients thanked us for adding a fun twist to a typical golf outing. In addition, NLP Enterprises is committed to giving back to our community. You helped us raise over $1100 for our designated charity, South County Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. There was not one foursome that declined the $5 per shot/ $20 per foursome donation. In fact, many gave more. Your professionalism, presentation, and energy was just what we needed to add a little excitement to our event. We will definitely use you in the future and will recommend you to our business peers."
    - Mark M.
    NLP Enterprises, Inc.