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    About The On Course Experience

“Through golf outings I get to help organizations and businesses raise money to help people and our community. What more can you ask for than doing well by doing good?!”
~Jeff Mose

Jeff Mose

Jeff Mose

Founder & Chief Creative Consultant


I feel that my life’s experiences have brought me to this place in time, providing me an opportunity to use my experience to help others achieve their goals through golf outings. I appreciate you taking a minute to consider my life’s work and how it provides me a unique background that envelopes all facets of planning a successful golf tournament.

I was fortunate to begin my work life when I was 13 in our family-owned sporting goods business. My parents provided me a solid foundation built on caring for your customer is business principle #1. After graduation from high school my service in the Navy built on the teamwork I’d learned from participating in sports, but also that attention to detail is often the difference between success and failure.

Being a sales rep in the early days of Nike taught me the power of branding. I remember that I spent more than a year teaching customers how to properly pronounce Nigh-key. I now look back and think we did a pretty good job in those early days of the company.

My life’s path then lead me to broadcasting. We had an idea of broadcasting live, minor league baseball games for the Baltimore Orioles Class A team. The producers and I were told it could never be done. Don’t tell me it can’t be done. If you want it bad enough, you’ll move heaven and earth to get it accomplished. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone who has started their own business or those who work for charitable causes. I’m proud to say we were the first to broadcast live coverage of minor league professional baseball.

As a result of my on-camera work I was “discovered” by a producer at Maryland Public Television. I hosted special events, state high school championships and live events, which taught me to think on my feet and adapt to the situation at hand. Public Television and National Public Radio gave me the opportunity to learn fundraising. How being committed to a cause can make a difference in the world.

I went on to lead fundraising efforts for several PBS/NPR stations as well as the American Lung Association, Pride of Baltimore II and Special Olympics. It was during this time in my work life that I produced golf outings as fundraisers – building and working with committees, obtaining sponsors, recruiting golfers, promoting the event, being thankful for volunteers and asking Mother Nature for great weather.

I then moved on to be part of a team who started a successful technology company. Then, with two friends, co-founded a technology company. I then founded a financial services company working to protect the savings of retirees. During these years, I played in approximately 30 charitable golf tournaments and my companies contributed to many as sponsors. I mention this to share that I have played, sponsored and produced golf outings so I have the unique perspective of all aspects of the event.

So, as I begrudgingly approached retirement, I examined what I could do to contribute to our community as well as be around the game of golf, a game that I love. Knowing that I enjoyed my work in fundraising I discovered a way to combine philanthropy with golf when I was introduced to the Golf Tournament Association of America. I earned my certification as a golf tournament consultant and founded The On Course Experience – Golf Tournament Consulting and Planning. The concept is for you to use my experience to help your organization maximize the money it raises, minimize the hours to do so, while making sure your guests have a great experience on the golf course.

So here we are. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now, let’s get started on your event.

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